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The flexible packaging industry is at a threshold of technological revolution. This is due to the growth and development of new polymers and applications packaging. An exhaustive market study to understand the evolution of packaging requirements was conducted, with respect to cost effective source availability in local markets. In conclusion, there is a definite need for new generation co-extruded films in extended configurations. Only such films would be able to cater the ever-increasing requirements of the packaging market.

With this perspective as our philosophy, Sunpack Barrier Films Pvt. Ltd. was formed to focus on packaging requirements of specific market segments. High barrier co-extrusion technology at Sunpack significantly reduces the cost of packaging. It is a viable option versus rigid packaging having the same barrier properties and improved product



Our manufacturing facility is located near Ahmedabad city. Manufacturing facility and operations are planned and conform to the International Standards accreditations for manufacturing processes. Main building and all warehouses have a buffer wall construction as per GMP norms (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Our 7 layer blown film machine supplied by Brampton Engineering; Canada, incorporates pioneering technologies of die design and cooling systems. This enables Sunpack to provide our customers :

Layflat range upto 2,200 mm
Thickness upto 250 microns
In-line gusseting
State-of-the-art real-time controls based upon two sigma standards to maintain mechanical properties of manufactured products.
Multiple grades and types of Nylons, Polyolefin's, Ionomers and Acrylates and other barrier co-polymers can be processed.


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