Quality assurance and control at Sunpack involves strict standards for gate stock material and continues throughout the manufacturing process. Our laboratory facilities posses the sophisticated equipment designed specifically to conduct the sample tests deemed critical to manufacture products of highest quality.

Sample tests are conducted as established by GMP protocol, as per the following criteria :

Tensile strength, Co-efficient of friction, Haze, Opacity, Dart Impact, Seal Strength
OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate)
MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
Gas transmission Rate

Independent testing services are also engaged as part of quality audits and for elaborate testing procedures :


The People Of Sunpack

We profoundly believe that the inherent and the driving strength of Sunpack is the team of people who conceived the idea and nurtured it to realization.

The nucleus of the team comprises of professionals with proven track record of multiple skill sets in different edifices of the plastics industry.

We are committed to consistent quality product and share the vision of success by engaging our knowledge, experience and expertise to work for you.